United in Christ

United in Christ

Text: Andrej Tajti
Musik: Andrei and Stefan Tajti

More and more sounds the call.
Time to give to Jesus our all.
Be awake you watchmen, the dawn draws near.
Soon you´ll see your Lord as crystal clear.
Let us take up the cross and the fire consume all dross,
for our righteousness eternally
shall be Christ who has set us free.

It´s our goal to unite,
as an army ready to fight.
Not by strength of arm, nor by human power,
by the Holy Spirit hour by hour.
Let us pray for the rain.
Shout of joy and not complain,
for our happiness eternally
shall be Jesus and only He.

Now´s the time to reveal,
the abundant life and God´s seal
to the universe and the earth appeal
by the faith and truth and all we feel.
Let us work in the field for eternity to build.
The reward we shall receive indeed.
Jesus Christ is all that we need!