May God Be Close

May God Be Close

Text och musik: Elisabet Hermansson

May God be close by your side each day.
May you walk the path that God has made.
Every day He watches over you. 
Let God’s light shine on you.
Pure and whole the love He gives.
Oo ...
Your life is in His hand. 

2.Someone watches over you every step you take, 
every move you make. 
Someone showers you with blessings 
like refreshing rain a hot summer day. 
Someone watches over you. 
Oo ...  
Someone watches over you. 

3.Someone teaches you how to do what´s right 
and shows you the way through the snares of life. 
With a gentle hand and an open heart 
that goes straight to your soul. 
Day by day you are given strength. 
Yes, someone watches over you. 
Someone watches over you.